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XenForo Font Awesome Manager v1.2.6 Addon

XenForo Font Awesome Manager v1.2.6 Addon Free Download. XenForo uses the Icon Font Font Awesome Pro 5 that Contains over 7.000 Icons of which XenForo Typically Uses only a few hundred. But as all Icons are included in the CSS and Font Files.

Main Features

  • Automatically Scan
  • Monitor Database Entities
  • Perform SubSetting
  • Easily Add Icons that are not Discovered Automatically
  • Support AMPXF
  • Various Strategies to Load Subsets and CSS
  • and more

Download XenForo Font Awesome Manager Add-On

Live Demo: View Demo

Free download XenForo Font Awesome Manager v1.2.6 add-ons by XenForo community software Addons Font Awesome Manager module download.

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